the woes of procrastination when seeking housing
starry_echoes starts on August 20 and I still don't have an apartment. I didn't want to room with a stranger, but at this point I'm getting desperate and that's the least of my concerns. On the (extremely) off chance that someone reading this is from Iowa City, Iowa, and happens to have an apartment for rent or know of someone who does, let me know. I've been looking on Craigslist but half the time no one responds to my emails, and the other half look too dodgy to even investigate.


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starry_echoes i never post here, but I just wanted to leave a message here to let anyone who happens to come across this page know that although I do use my livejournal to participate in communities, I don't post in my journal often.

I do have a blog I actually use, here:

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I really need to start using this journal more....

I started the 50bookchallenge  and have read 5 books so far. I'm also using to help keep track of all that I've read and track my progress. I have always loved reading but I think this will help me reach more of my reading goals. I'm already getting better at setting aside distractions and picking up a book whenever I have a spare moment.

Writer's Block: Planet friendly
How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

I've very concerned. Concerned doesn't really begin to cover it. I feel despair when I allow myself to really contemplate it. I do everything I can to be 'green'- I'm vegan, I recycle, use flourescent lights, natural products, bicycle when I can, etc, but our society is fundamentally environmentally unsustainable, and unless there's a radical shift in all levels of society, at the root of the systems contributing to global warming, then I don't see a reversal as possible. It doesn't help that our government is basically owned by big oil and coal. I lost my optimism a long time ago. I used to believe that if people were confronted by the facts, they would feel the same sadness I feel as I look around at this planet and what we're doing to it, but along with it, the same sense of urgency- the need to do something not later, but now. I naively thought everyone would change their lifestyle. But people aren't going to change. People are too selfish and short-sighted to fix this planet. 

Writer's Block: Ten years to the day
What do you expect to be doing ten years from today, and where do you hope to be living?

It doesn't really matter what I find myself doing as long as I am really living. But I do hope to be writing, and involved in causes I care about (such as the environment, animal rights, and social justice). I do know I definitely don't want children, and as an asexual who is not particularly romantic, I can't see myself getting married, either. 

Rep. Grayson on Supreme Court Decision: More Damage to Our Democracy Than Osama bin Laden

This is an outrage. Corporations (or should I say, corporate people?) in this country have more rights than citizens. 

I found this on a website about existential depression, and it resonated so deeply with me I wanted to post it here. here's the website:

1. Hopelessness of a definite situation;
impossibility of a specific task.
1. Total hopelessness;
all efforts futile.
2. Understandable cause or source
in the objective world.
2. No objective cause;
existentially disclosed from within.
3. We eventually accept the loss or
defeat; reconstruction possible.
3. Permanent hopelessness;
no reconstruction possible.
4. Independent, separate,
isolatable difficulties.
4. Pervasive, comprehensive
5. We can accept the inevitable
and focus on other values.
5. We cannot overcome it,
only conceal it or embrace it.

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